From letterpress workshop to a multinational one

1908The origins - Our story begins in Italy in the early twentieth century, exactly in 1908, with the founding of the “Popolare” Typography, a small artisan facility based on traditions and art print culture. The first production activities of Giovanni Abramo, progenitor of a family of successful entrepreneurs now in its fourth generation, characterized the corporate structure as a reference on the market for the printing of several important newspapers and magazines of the time present in Calabria; and it definitively asserted the role of the printing press in the social and economic reality of Catanzaro and Calabria. This role has been successfully maintained in the following years, so as to require constant attention toward the development needs of the printing press and to its technologies.
1950The entrepreneurial turning - The Company has gone through the entire twentieth century constantly adopting the best technologies available in order to ensure to the customers high quality printing products, satisfying also their most challenging technical demands. In mid-century, with the arrival of the second generation of entrepreneurs, the Typography “Popolare” changed its name in Arti Grafiche Abramo, and has increased over the years the ability to meet the demands of graphics products for public entities (among the customers it was also the Regione Calabria for which it is printed the Bollettino Ufficiale della Regione) thanks to the competitiveness of the offers and quality of products and accessories for printing services. This breakthrough marked the transition from an artisan facility to a small business.

1980The success of integrated services - The continuous renovation and the researches for the highest quality, made possible the entrance of important customers: on the late 80’, the prestigious Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana Treccani has begun to use the services of Grafiche Abramo for release of its volumes. At the same time the demand for printed commercial products increased during the passage of the 90s to the new economy, with integrated logistics services and e-procurement, with printing services, enveloping and delivery of mail, and with optical document management services by perceiving in advance the needs of our customers with complex and territorially spread organizations. At this point the Grafiche Abramo will be named as Abramo Printing & Logistic.
1997The turn of the century - Aiming to create an offer of integrated services led to the founding of Abramo Customer Care S.p.A on 1997, which soon became a leading company in national and international level for providing integrated BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services on front line activities (technical assistance, commercial, administrative) and of back office. In the years to come, Abramo Customer Care S. p. A. opens new branches in Calabria, in Lazio, and in Sicily.

2009International Expansion - After gaining a considerable experience in the management of Contact Centers in outsourcing and a certain success due to a good organization, and of the process and innovative technologies developed based on customers’ requirements, in 2009 Abramo arrives in Tirana, Albania, and founds Albacall. After 5 years of success, the Abramo group invests again abroad intending to amplify the multimarket capacity and multilanguage offering, and approaches the market with the segmentation logic. In 20142015 in Sao Paulo presents the Abramo do Brazil and in 2016 in Slovenia presents Abramo.Si. The Abramo group stands strong at an international level and strengthens its vision of one global company.
2016The present and the future - Over the years, thanks to the continuous expansion up to the todays’ 70 000 square meters of covered area, to the specialization of the offered services and the growth of the experience, we have become one of the principal players in the market for the integrated solutions and one of the leading player in the international business of contact center. Today, we present ourselves as PBO consultants in the credit – management, by virtue of the deep knowledge acquired in different market sections. We look to the future through the institute “Abramo Solution Foundry” which aims research and innovation in the field of intelligence technologies, developing products like social CRM and work force management, and anticipating future challenges of the global market.

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