Printing and Logistics

The Abramo Printing’s story begins in the early twentieth century when Giovanni Abramo founded his “Popolare” Typography. As it is shown from the definition itself “Popolare”, it aimed to emphasize the whole social and cultural stimulus that its founder wanted to be exercised on the territory.

The same passion has remained intact over the years in Arti Grafiche di Antonio Abramo, first example of an industrial structure, until today in Abramo Printing and Logistics.

After more than a century of continuous activity, over the years, the initial artisan nucleus was replaced by the modern industrial reality. Abramo Printing and Logistics, led by the fourth generation of entrepreneurs, is today nationally and internationally recognized in this sector, both for the high level of the infrastructure and technological equipment at its disposal, and the significant economical and social role which continues to play on the territory.

During the 90’, following the management policies adopted from the Abramo family and also thanks to the significant investments made, a strong impulse is registered, in both the sectorial specialization and in the integration of different offers expressed to the market.

Today, Abramo Printing and Logistics has reached a significant dimension and can rely on a professional and experienced management and preparation, careful to adapt and monitor the companies’ reality during this constant evolution of the market.

Abramo Printing and Logistics, thanks to the wide range of printing products that offers, the logistic services, the e-procurement and mailing ones, is part of different segments of the market. Also, compared to its competitors, it is a leading actor for the supply of graphics products and integrated services.

We are the only ones in this sector able to guide each customer towards the choice that best suits their needs, by offering an accurate and complete management service in-house of the entire production process, thanks to the division of the company in three different working departments – prepress, printing, construction – achieving, the first in Italy, the Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9001.

Products and printing technologies


  • Offset printing;
  • CP – Commercial printing;
  • Advertising promo material:
    • BTL – Below the line;
    • POP/POS – Point of purchase, Point of sale.
  • Mass printing;
  • Direct marketing;
  • Continuous forms;


  • Offset up to 10 colors, available also in large format;
  • Offset in continuous forms;
  • Rotoffset headset 16 pages (5 colors with sheet-fed), 48 and 64 pages;
  • Digital laser printing and ink jet paper, also in reel printing, with customized variable data in black and full color mode;
  • Paper production / paper products;
  • Labels of paper, plastic substrates using offset and screen printing technology;


Products and services

Offset printers

The print divisions Offset and Rotoffset, thanks to the large, modern machines and the up to date engineering of all the production process, allow Abramo Printing and Logistics to satisfy any requirement related to the traditional printing products and quality.

The integration between printing industry and logistic services, of e-procurement and mailing services, also allows Abramo to fit into a diverse set of market segments and establish itself as a leader among the competitors for the supply of integrated products and services.

It is exactly this flexibility, both in the production and organizational profile, which Abramo Printing always uses toward its Partners, that has made us over the years the ideal outsourcer for the world of telcos, utilities, banking, and insurance.

Based on the most advanced technologies of offset and rotoffset, Abramo Printing provides:

  • Prints (stamps) of quality and excellence (Abramo always collaborates for the printing with the institute Enciclopedia Treccani);
  • Commercial printing;
  • Integration of supply processes with enterprise management systems;
  • BTL material;
  • POP and POS material for large – scale distribution;
  • Production of security stamps.

Mass Printing

The Mass Printing division, equipped with the modern and advanced technology of digital printing lines in both black and full color mode, guarantees the production of a wide range of products and distribution of various kinds of correspondence – billing, bank statements, direct marketing, alerts, newsletters, invitations, tax demands, offering elevate standard of privacy and reliability for the treatment of personal data during printing process.

The Mass Printing division’s strengths are:

  • Management of large quantities of documents;
  • Management of tests, personalized with signatures, trademarks and differentiated images to the recipient;
  • Automatic insertion into envelopes of typographical inserts and return envelopes.

The elevated competence and professionalism of the ICT area in support of Operations of Abramo Printing & Logistic, allows the company to receive print streams in any format and to treat them while ensuring their compatibility with the press systems.



Direct Marketing

The combination between the traditional printing products and the management of the variable data consented Abramo Printing to establish itself in Italy and abroad as a leading provider of direct marketing activities. This applies not only to the Mailing Addressed but also for the non-Addressed.

The usage of mailing as a communication channel, but also telephone, mobile, and internet, necessary for the development of the interactive communication campaigns, helped Abramo to be established as a global service direct marketing provider.

Continuous module

The continuous module department evolved during the years, passing from the simple production of printed coil in the production of a sophisticated and complex printing. This department produces security printing confecting as per contract, application of personalized labels with holograms, also the serigraphic printing of high quality labels.

The Continuous Module department finds its highest expression on the Abramo’s e-procurement activity, designed for the Poste Italiane and then extends to other customers with similar requirements of service delivery throughout the country.




Since 2001, Abramo Printing and Logistics performs for the Italian Post an integrated logistic service that ensures the production and the distribution of approximately 5000 points of use of all the forms within 24 – 48H form the receiving of the order.

This is an organized program that coordinates the receiving of the order in real time, handling and delivery within a short time

In providing this service, Abramo Printing and Logistics has optimized the management activities in order to ensure for its partner, and then the final user, an elevated service in terms of reliability and accuracy.
The process is designed to offer essentially three types of services:

  • Supply of economical material;
  • Management of logistics platform;
  • Delivery – Vector.

Over the years this platform has been perfectioned to manage the logistic process for Poste Italiane, and other extensive orders.

The short distance between the logistics base at the production site with the main nodes of the great communication (highway, railway junctions, airport), reachable in no more than 15 minutes, are a clear plus in terms of synergetic management and production, replicable and customizable on other clients.

Commercial contacts

“We build a strong base of functional processes, technology and human resources that improves some of the necessary business functions of our customers, so they can focus on the peculiarity of their business and make it grow successfully!”

Client: Poste Italiane

We provide the production and delivery of paper documents, but not only, in the entire south Italy with the capacity of 32 million copies in a month.