Financial Process Optimization

Abramo has over 20 years in the field of sales & caring management services and has expanded its services to the banking sector, in order to differentiate itself from the internal activities and provide additional support to their trade relations.


Credit management service unit

Managing the credit means not only recover money, but also to maintain the business relationship with the customer.

Abramo assures coverage of all phases of the credit management by integrating the recovery activities with those of commercial and administrative management:

  • Preventive and proactive management of expiring credit for eliminating the upstream of the credit generation causes (complaints, outages, etc.)
  • A payment reminder activity in multichannel mode (telephone, written, e-mail activities, SMS, app / web)
  • A payment request activity in multichannel mode (telephone, written, e-mail activities, SMS, app / web)
  • Joint actions of credit recovery (suspension of the service, contract resolutions, etc.) and commercial retention of the customer
  • Integrated management of the “out of court” actions with the legal intervention
  • Judicial credit recovery
  • Administrative back office (Combined receipts, refunds and credit notes, repayment schedules, payment details, etc.)

Full Financial management

The Full Credit Management service is the ideal choice for companies that want to transform the management of credit into a component of excellence in the relationship with its customers.

The Full Financial Management service includes the management of the entire administrative lifecycle of final customers, from order receipt to final payment:

  • Clustering of final customers / debtors in relation to the risk profile (can be used for commercial purposes) and payment habits
  • Billing management
  • Differentiation of shares, speeding up the recovery process and maximizing tax benefits
  • Opportunity for the company to define the balance between upstream costs and results in relation to its requirements
  • Real-time monitoring of the situation of final customers / debtors in terms of equity and credit
  • Measuring the level of customer satisfaction even for a critical process such as credit recovery
  • Maximization of credit management in multi-channel mode
  • commissioning -Fully variable and tied to the commissioning of the service results and the actual benefits achieved by the client

Young businesswoman

Tailored solutions

The credit management is a vital foundation for our business clients and for this reason cannot be standardized or generalized

Abramo manages each client as a project that brings together and specializes all service components:

  • Our resources, thanks to the traditional tools and e-learning training methods, are trained on demand, with processes and procedures asked from our business clients.
  • The models and workforce management tools allow the optimization of the routing of assets and real-time target the training needs.
  • The operational management tools ensure the excellence of operations and can be integrated into the architectural context of our clients.
  • The pricing models, especially for the service of Credit full management, ensure maximum flexibility in relation to the needs of our business clients.

Strategy & Innovation

The definition of credit management strategies and introduction of innovative elements are the center of the value proposition of Abramo.

Strategy and innovation are key elements for maximizing the benefits of effectiveness and efficiency in our credit management concept.
Abramo, as part of its integrated offer, supports companies in defining and developing the credit strategy throughout all phases of the credit management process, from the customer acquisition until the loss of the credit.
The innovations that Abramo introduced in the credit management processes relate to both the evolution of the activities in multi-channel and digital logic, and also the human factor with the use of credit manager figures, dedicated to clients and able to handle at first the critical situations with final / debtors customers.


“We know that a solution is not enough to keep everyone happy: so we offer comprehensive, customized, with a dedicated and shared model, by exploring every possible channel of contact with the customer”.