Marketing and sales support

Apart of the customer care services, Abramo offers to its partners our international and multi-sectorial experience for a wide range of integrated solutions. Our intelligence technical support consents us to better manage the new channel of social network, generate leads and optimize sales.

We are global business partner of main affirmed actors of the international markets, and at the same time, we support the small realities that overlook in new commercial and industrial sectors: we enrich them with our experience and we assist their growth with our technology, in order for them to amplify, maintain and regain market shares.

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Surveys & Sales

The surveys are the basis of any developed marketing campaign, and they are personalized as per customer demands. We offer advertising campaigns for prospect and reliable customers; or tele-selling ones to increase the customer base. Depending on the client demands, the telesales services can be enhanced and integrated through appropriate monitoring and reporting of performance.

It is also possible to increase the effectiveness of telemarketing services by enriching them, for example, with complementary activities of coordination and scheduling of commercial units operating close to the client.

The campaigns’ targets selling to prospective customers are done through all available channels and in teleselling mode inbound/outbound, cross-selling and up-selling.

In the area of the front office, with regard to the technical and commercial assistance, these activities are aimed to improve the experience of the final customer consumption. The customer support service is, therefore, perfectly integrated with the sale (proactive engagement) both in reactive and proactive mode.

Maintenance activities and customer recovery

The services of customer retention and customer loyalty are geared towards those companies that have the need to retain and consolidate its customer base, as well as stimulate the "passive customers". Abramo makes available its extensive experience in the management of loyalty programs gained with leading partners in their respective markets. Thanks to the integrity of services that we manage, we present ourselves as an integrated partner in support of a "full" management of loyalty activities: from customer service inbound / outbound / back office to the management of logistics and warehouse.


Digital marketing

We give importance to marketing services through social networking channels. Thanks to the intuition of the current President of the group for investing in technological research, Abramo stands out in the market of digital solutions, for their originality and effectiveness in the results.

Activities related to these services are managed from the interactions with customers through social networks within CRM; lead generation; social media analytics. The processes are organized with experience and streamlined as semantic engines, which guarantee performance, in terms of “response time” and “response rate”, higher than the norm.

“We make it easy on the winding roads, propose new ideas, update our partner about the latest technologies, we communicate frequently and effectively strengthening trust, so that together we can react quickly to the unexpected.”
Client: Alitalia

Perfect the level of conversation and increase purchase. This is the request of Alitalia, which with the support of Abramo benefits from customer service to increase the volume of sales of tickets worldwide.

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It’s about how to develop customer’s satisfaction by upselling. Contain the churn and increase revenue with revenue marketing.